Nectar Network

Delivering connected insect-friendly habitats between Irvine and Girvan


The Irvine to Girvan Nectar Network project aims to establish connected nectar and pollen-rich sites along the Ayrshire coast that will ensure the long-term survival of pollinating insects.



Pollinators are in serious decline across the UK.  Around 84% of Europe is crops depend on these insects and they are responsible for 35% of world food production. With over 95% of the UK's wildflower meadows being lost in just the last 40 years or so, places where pollinating insects can thrive are now very restricted.  Nectar gives insects energy to travel across the landscape so a lack of refuelling sites prevents this.  Not only can they not reach the crops but they are isolated from others of their kind.  An isolated insect population is a vulnerable one because, if it dies out for whatever reason, the site cannot be recolonised from nearby.


On hearing this alarming news, some Ayrshire businesses, golf clubs and their neighbours who were already exploring sustainability together, decided to do something about it.  They were all located between the Ayrshire towns of Irvine and Girvan so that seemed like a sensible geographical limit. They wanted to keep it manageable, at least until they found their feet.


How It Works

This is a true network of places and of people:

  • Those who have land create or improve habitat for pollinators.
  • Those who have equipment help out those who do not have access to their own.
  • Those who have spare materials give them to others.
  • Those who have time volunteer their labour.
  • Those who have funds donate them to the overall management of the project.

The businesses, organisations and supporters that make up the network are shown below.  A smaller steering group works on their behalf to deliver action.   It is made up of representative from partners who chose to support the project in this way.


If you are interested in being part of the network, there is more information at get involved.


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