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The Irvine to Girvan Nectar Network project area is defined as the zone between these two towns, and within 3 kilometres of the coast.  We call it the Nectar Network Zone.


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Before contacting us, check whether you can answer "yes" to EITHER of the following questions:

1. Do you have a potential project site located in the Irvine to Girvan Nectar Network zone?

2. Do you have equipment, materials, funds or time to donate - even if you are not in the zone?


If you are just curious about how we do things - and we hope people are - go to the know-how page for useful information, guidance and links.  Maybe you could set up a Nectar Network in your own area.


Adding a Project Sites


If you are already managing a piece of land within our zone with pollinators in mind, and would like to be part of the network, let us know.  We will look at adding it to the map and acknowledging you on the website.  Partners also get to display the Nectar Network logo and receive other benefits.


If you think you could improve your site for pollinators, have a look at the know-how page for an idea of the types of things you could do.  It may be that you can then get on with it without our help, but do let us know what you are planning.  Otherwise, get in touch and we will see how we can help.  Depending on demand, we might even be able to come out, do a quick survey and recommend some actions.



Donating to the Network


If you would like to donate equipment or materials to the Nectar Network, contact us and we will circulate the partners in need of this.  Funds and volunteers are being managed for the network by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.


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